Expedition to Guyana

43 images Created 31 Oct 2014

These images are from a recent biodiversity expedition into Southern-central Guyana, sponsored by World Wildlife Fund-Guianas and Global Wildlife Conservation. I documented this team of dedicated scientists as they surveyed one of the most pristine forests in the world, gathering baseline data on plant and animal diversity as well as water quality. The region is an important one, its remote location leaving it virtually untouched until recent incursions by logging and gold mining companies. Two of the most profitable industries in Guyana, they can also be incredibly destructive to forest and freshwater ecosystems. Data from these assessments can hopefully be used to inform development decisions and find a balance between economic and #conservation interests in the region. To learn more about the great conservation work happening in the Guiana Shield check out WWF Guianas at www.wwfguianas.org or Global Wildlife at www.globalwildlife.org.
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